Product Range

  1.  Windows:

Windows characterize the appearance and form of projects perhaps more than any other component. Many windows have movable window coverings such as blinds or curtains to keep out light, provide additional insulation, or ensure privacy. Windows allow natural light to enter, but too much can have negative effects such as glare and heat gain.

Sliding Windows
The Sliding Window is designed for versatility and stylish appearance. It is weather sealed for energy conservation and, when combined with long life finishes, requires minimal upkeep. The most cost effective product for residential applications, the Sliding Window is simple and efficient to operate and offers a wide selection of configurations. These highly energy-efficient windows are available in a myriad of configurations and with numerous options so that you can achieve precisely the look you want for your home. For ease of cleaning, the operating sashes lift out or—on select models—tilt in for easy access.

Projected Windows
Projected windows operate by moving away, or “projecting,” from the face of the wall, as awning or hopper vents, as well as in-swinging or out-swinging casement vents. Projected windows are compression-sealed, easy to operate and often combined with complementary fixed windows.

Customized Windows
Windows designed for clients’ needs as per specification.

  1. Doors:

Doors are a prominent feature in the building envelope and give each building its own individual character.

 Aluminium Hinged Doors
An example of an Aluminium hinged patio door is both versatile and functional. It is an ideal way to have easy access to the garden, terrace, patio or covered relaxation area. A pair of hinged patio doors with sidelites is an elegant design statement, and either opened or closed, will prove to be a visually attractive part of your home.

Aluminium Sliding Doors
Aluminium Sliding Doors are durable and easy to maintain. Just a wipe over with a damp cloth usually restores them to “as new” condition. Aluminium sliding doors are great when you want to reach a garden, patio or deck. You do not want to have to go through a regular door every time you want outside or in.

Frameless Doors
Frameless glass doors create a strong, safe and secure way of closing your entrance while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your living space. The frameless doors have no outer frame work and you have a choice of pivot or hinge doors. The frameless doors can also be decorated with any design to create an ‘arty’ look.

Automatic Doors
In many places automatic doors are natural in our everyday lives. Shopping centers and most high street stores now tend to specify automatically opening doors in one description or another simply to make life easy for customers to enter the premises.

Sliding Folding Doors
Effortlessly smooth gliding and beautifully impressive folding doors create a vast amount of unimaginable space along with inviting contemporary character and comforting glass wall ambiance to any ordinary room. A set of folding doors can complement any building and provide exciting glass wall solutions to many situations without harming the character of a building. With the ability of bringing inspiration and creativity into a home by transforming rooms into fashionable living areas, a set of folding sliding doors can remarkably blend spaces together, remove barriers between the outside and literally bring the outside in conforming to the natural environment around it.

  1. Shopfronts

Shop fronts can transform your shop to give a fresh modern look that will draw in extra customers. Shop fronts come in a variety of colours and styles, and can be designed to meet your needs.

Aluminium Shop Fronts
Aluminium Shop Fronts are usually used for their strength and low maintenance properties. Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion caused by modern industrial pollutants and requires little long term maintenance. The lifespan of aluminium products is measured in decades rather than years. Often seen in commercial and busy traffic environments, aluminium shop fronts are fast becoming the choice for installations.

Exclusive Shop Fronts
Shopfronts designed for clients’ needs as per specification

  1. Partitions

Aluminium Partitions
Aluminium Partitions made from the high grade raw materials are not only strong but also defect free. These aluminum partitions are used in official and commercial sectors to segregate the area in different cabins for various reasons. These aluminium partitions are designed and fabricated using the modern patterns and are known for the durability and spectacular finish.

Gypsum Partitions
Gypsum partitions offer a full range of lightweight partition and walling systems and can be used in all types of buildings including private housing, flats and apartments, commercial, institutional, recreational and industrial properties. They cover all applications, from simple space division; through to high performance walls designed to meet the most demanding fire resistance, sound insulation, impact and height requirements.

Exclusive Partitions
Partitions designed for clients’ needs as per specification.

  1. Curtain Walling

A curtain wall is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, but merely keep out the weather. As the curtain wall is non-structural it can be made of a lightweight material reducing construction costs. When glass is used as the curtain wall, a great advantage is that natural light can penetrate deeper within the building. A curtain wall is designed to resist air and water infiltration, sway induced by wind and seismic forces acting on the building and its own dead load weight forces.

 Structural Glazing
Structural Glazing systems are a brilliant, cost effective solution for contemporary glass design and consist of a fully or partially framed internal finish, with the glass structurally glazed/adhered to the outside face. All to produce a complete flush silicone jointed external finish. Whilst the framed internal appearance is more traditional, structural glazing provides a high flexibility in regards to the sections utilized and framework finish.

Standard Glazing

Curtain wall glazing is a light weight exterior cladding, hung on the building structure, usually from floor to floor. These curtain wall glazing are available in a variety of exterior appearances and uniquely featured by narrowly spaced vertical and horizontal caps with glass or metal infill panels. Curtain wall glazing is designed to accommodate structural deflections, control wind-driven rain and air leakage and minimize the effect of solar radiation.

  1. Wall Cladding

Cladding is a protective covering that protects the outside of a building.

 Aluminium cladding
Aluminium cladding is a type of cladding system that is made from aluminium, a lightweight but strong metal. The aluminium itself is powder coated or anodised in order to protect it. Aluminium cladding is available as boards or panels that are affixed to the exterior of the house in order to improve its aesthetics and also to protect it from the elements.

Aluminium is a great choice for cladding as it is lightweight thus easy to install, it is very durable, it is resistant to moisture and saltwater, it is impervious to termites and other insects, and it handles harsh weather conditions very well.

  1. Ceiling

Suspended ceiling
A suspended ceiling conceals obstructions attached to the underside of the joists, yet allows easy access for fixing pipes or adding wiring later on. Suspended ceilings are also better sound barriers than drywall ceilings and since you level the ceiling as you install it, the existing joists need not be level or even straight.

Gypsum ceiling
Installing a gypsum ceiling is an appealing way to replace old ceiling panels, or create a new ceiling. Gypsum ceiling panels are made from a sedimentary rock that is sturdy and relatively inexpensive to manufacture. Gypsum is easy to manipulate, manufacturers produce various styles and patterns from this material. When panels are placed in a particular manner, different acoustics can be achieved, which is the top reason why a gypsum ceiling is the preferred ceiling of choice inside of industrial and office buildings.

  1. Shower Doors

Frameless shower cubicles

Frameless Showers are the ultimate in bath design. The elegance and style is only matched with the durability of the installation, backed by a guarantee that is “best in the industry”.

Every installation is custom fit to insure a water-tight and precision mounting to your tile or marble shower. The beauty of the marble is no longer obstructed or distracted by unsightly framing materials.

  1. Blinds

A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap.

Vertical Blinds
The vertical version uses a generally wider slat and has the added feature of being able to pull a cord to stack the slats together either to one side or to separate in the center and stack on each end. This vertical blind allows rotation of slats by a rotating shaft in the upper head rail housing which runs through independent geared carriers that will convert twisting of tilt rail to a rotation of each individual slat in synchrony.

Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are a type of window covering, nearly always found on the inside of the window. They serve the purpose of blocking out external light as well as hiding the inside of the structure from exterior viewing. Venetian blinds are slatted blinds, consisting of a number of long horizontal strips attached in rows.

Exclusive Blinds
Blinds designed for clients’ needs as per specification.